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No one likes a broken water heater, however at some point in time we all know that eventually we will have to install a new water heater. The average water heater will last anywhere from ten to thirteen years. However, the newer models such as the tankless water heaters can last even longer. These new water heaters are more efficient lasting on average of about twenty-percent longer than the older model of water heaters.

If you are having problems before ten to thirteen years then most likely you only need to fix your water heater instead of having to install a new water heater. A broken water heater can still be a hassle to deal with as water heater repair is not typically cheap.

Here are some tips that can extend the life of your water heater. You can always check your water heaters temperature-release-valve. This is a simple valve that you can drain the water out of. This valve is in place so that if the water pressure becomes too high, it can release the pressure. After letting the water out of the water heater if it continue to let out of water or continually drip then you may need to fix your water heater.

There is a lot of buildup that can block the water heater and cause it to become inefficient. Try draining some water out of it and if you see sediment then you need to have your water heater looked at. If you fix your water heater early enough then you can prevent it from being completely irreparable and avoid having to install a new water heater. You may think that simple sediment may not cause any damage, but letting build up accumulate in your water heater then you could easily end up with a broken water heater.

You may be surprised at how simply insulating your pipes can help the life span of your water heater. Simple foam pipe insulation will help your pipes during the summer and winter. During the summer it will help keep moisture buildup during the summer. During the winter months it helps keep your pipes from freezing over.

For this very same reason you also want to insulate your water heater. For the same reasons, this will help keep away the moisture during the summer and keep the cold away from the water heater during the winter. When you wrap the water heater be sure not to cover the top or bottom of it. The best material to use is foil covered bubble wrap that fits around the water heater in one wrap. If you cover the tops of oil or gas heaters this could cause a hazard. We recommend not covering the tops of any water heaters.

By following these water heater tips you can increase the life of your water heater. This will help you save money from not having to install a new water heater. If you do need your water heater repaired or you need to install a new one, then feel free to contact us if you are a local resident of Katy, Texas.

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